 The MLM Uni level Plan is also very popular among many Network Marketing Companies which provides great opportunity for an individual or group to earn huge profits.

 Simplicity is the key feature of this plan, due to its simplicity; the MLM Company can pitch or explain Uni-level Plans to their new customers who are willing to join the company.

 Uni-level Plan gives the ability to add new joining members to its front line. Width is not restricted in this

plan, i.e. a member can have unlimited width under his/her frontline and the commission is distributed up to a limited depth. Further, efforts are also made by the frontline members to the same process for earning bonuses o compensation.

 There is also scope of rewards and incentives in Unilevel Plan whenever a member adds desired number of members in the frontline.

 HHP has dedicated team for consultation for best suited & attractive Unilevel Plans.